Brewers Maintaining Engagement Through Offseason

Nov 20, 2012

As reported by the Milwaukee Business Journal on Monday, the Milwaukee Brewers will move forward with two renovation projects at Miller Park for the 2013 season. The projects include adding a 25-foot-high climbing wall and other amenities to the Dew Deck, while also revamping the Home Plate Lounge area on the concourse of the club level behind home plate. See the images below for renders of the upgrades.

While enhancing the fan experience with upgrades to the venue is a common agenda item for teams throughout, the Brewers are doing much more than just that to keep the interest and engagement high this offseason.

Through social media and the team's “John & Cait” blog, the Brewers have launched several noteworthy fan engagement campaigns including the “#GUESSBREW Bobblehead Reveal” and their “Design a YOUniform” contest. Both encourage heavy fan involvement and produce fan-generated content, enhancing the connection between the fan and the team.

If you're looking to drive offseason engagement, start first by exploring the Milwaukee Brewers for inspiration. Remember last season's successful Fan-Tastic Forty campaign? The ballclub has been doing this year in, year out and it's only November. We're excited to see what else the Brew Crew rolls out in the upcoming months.