Sportsdigita’s Record-Breaking Statistics

We have had explosive growth over the past three years at Sportsdigita. We’re incredibly proud to work with over 350 organizations including the biggest brands in sports and enterprise. With so many organizations using the Digideck, we wanted to highlight key insights to help us plan for the future and continue to perfect the Digideck user experience. Check out some of these powerful statistics:

  • A new Digideck Presentation was created every 2.2 minutes
  • The Digideck was viewed in 101 countries worldwide in 2018
  • It took an average of under 13 minutes to create a new, custom presentation among Digideck users

And that’s only a few for starters! We’re beyond excited to see these numbers grow as we continue to help our partners bring their stories to life and secure revenue with the Digideck.

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