Angelina Lawton and Sportsdigita featured among top Tech Companies in : INNOVATE Minnesota

A new book from Global Village is shining a spotlight on Minnesota’s innovators. Part of the INNOVATE publishing series, INNOVATE Minnesota was created in partnership with the Minnesota Technology Association. Featuring in-depth looks at innovative companies and thought leaders from around the state, the book includes a lengthy feature on Sportsdigita and the online presentation platform Digideck, as well as founder and CEO Angelina Lawton. From the book:

With the creativity of design professionals combined with the power of web-based analytics, we’ve been able to give leaders in organizations across the spectrum unparalleled opportunities to make presentations come alive. How? By transforming information and design into experiences that viewers can hear, see and feel. We’re talking about sales presentations, but we’re not talking about slides.

The print version is due to be published in July, 2020. The more than 250-page volume contains insights from a variety of local thought leaders representing a wide range of industries and topics, including technology, marketing, sustainability, manufacturing and more.

View the E-Book here.
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