The Anaheim Ducks drive revenue with Sportsdigita

The Challenge

The Anaheim Ducks compete in one of the most challenging markets in sports. The Ducks are fighting for sponsorship dollars against two NFL teams, two MLB teams, two NBA teams, two MLS teams, top notch collegiate programs such as USC and UCLA, and their NHL brethren Los Angeles Kings.

To compete and win significant sponsor revenue in the technology hotbed of Orange County, CA, it is critical for the Ducks to reflect the strong technology prowess of their ownership group and the sizzletheir franchise brings to the sports marketplace.

“Digideck is not just the best platform for us as an organization… it is the best platform for our prospects to see and learn about our brand. It is the best platform for our current customers to receive recaps that summarize what they’re getting. It is the best platform for all the stakeholders in our world. Sportsdigita has not only thought about their direct clients, such as the Ducks, but also what our clients need on their end. It’s the best platform for all stakeholders and because of that, we don’t just use it in isolated instances… we use it in proposals, we use it in summaries, we use it for everything.”

—Graham Siderius, Director of Corporate Partnerships

The Solution

Digideck allows the Ducks to communicate their story with rich multi-media that reflects the pizzazz of both their media inventory and in-venue experience. As a result, prospects and sponsors have no doubt about the power and value of Ducks hockey. The Ducks take advantage of Digideck’s ability to host a variety multi-media assets such as in-game video elements, TV spots, and radio drops into their proposals. It is not uncommon for the Ducks sponsorship team to record an ad with its radio announcers and quickly insert that same spot into a proposal, allowing prospects to hear what it would sound like up front. For potential clients who might not be based in their market or see a Ducks game every day, the ability to demonstrate inventory so purely is very effective.


“There are so many properties out there that have a strong approach. You have to be able to send something that is professional and representative of your great ideas and that is easily digestible,” says Graham Siderius, who leads Corporate Partnerships for the Ducks. “Sportsdigita represents us so well on that first exposure to a brand. It represents us very well in comparison to the other teams in the marketplace and the other options that CMOs are looking at.”


The Ducks attribute a shorter sales cycles to Digideck. In a day and age where everyone’s rarest commodity is time, this is a critical asset. The Ducks utilize the master deck created for them by Sportsdigita as a baseline and then customize each sponsor presentation with its own unique story. They communicate their product on the front-end with proposals and on the back-end with partner recaps showing proof of performance. Digideck accelerates the team’s ability to get back toclients quickly, make edits and further customizations on the fly when needed. The platform’sanalytic reporting, presentation and slide views provide an ongoing  engagement snapshot throughout the entire process.

The Result

The Ducks are building incredible momentum, both in their local market and across the NHL. Since teaming with Sportsdigita, the organization’s annual sponsorship revenues have increased by $6M in three years. In that timespan, Anaheim has moved up the NHL’s league-wide sponsorship revenuerankings by more than 10 spots. The Ducks have claimed 64 new partners in the past three years and27 new partners are onboard for the 2017-18 season, including leading brands like Chick-fil-A, Hestan Commercial and Wawanesa Insurance.

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