When Ottawa Sports and Entertainment needed to replace PowerPoint®, they turned to Sportsdigita

The Challenge

As the Director of Partnerships for Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group, Matthew Bennett needed a better way for his team to both pitch to new prospects and create annual program recaps for current clients.

With a high volume of presentation needs (100 wrap-up reports and 50-60 new prospect pitches annually), he wanted something that would allow his team to rapidly create on-brand and professional presentations. And he wanted something other than PowerPoint.

DIGIDECK adds credibility and stability to our organization. When we use it during pitches it makes us stand out and allows us to make an emotional connection with our partners. The value is unbelievable.

– Matthew Bennett, Director of Corporate Partnerships

The Solution

Matthew reached out to Sportsdigita to explore what a complete solution could offer. From visual imagery in presentations to back-end analytics, he wanted a full-scale solution to meet all of his team’s requirements.

After seeing a demo and sharing it with his team (who were particularly interested in the back-end analytics), the group chose DIGIDECK to meet its presentation needs. The easy slide builder, instant credibility gained by using a professional presentation tool, and analytics were exactly what they were looking for to take their presentations to the next level. And instead of taking hours to create new presentations, they could build custom decks in just minutes.

The Result

Matthew and his team have successfully used DIGIDECK to provide recaps and create proposals for more than 200 corporate partners and prospects. With DIGIDECK’s analytics, they are able to view critical information, including:

  • Where people spend their time within presentations
  • When people have opened presentations
  • How many times people have opened and viewed each presentation

Beyond the analytics, they have received a tremendous response from their prospects and clients, with nothing but positive comments from their audience. Plus, the sales team has responded well to the ease of using the system to create and edit slides.

See how Sportsdigita can help your team sell more, faster.

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