Learn Why 50+ MiLB Teams Use Digideck To Generate Revenue

MiLB Case Study

From Single-A to Triple-A, more than 50 Minor League Baseball teams use Digideck to generate revenue through sponsorship sales, digital game programs and more.

With 160 revenue-generating teams and thousands of players spread across 14 leagues, Minor League Baseball is a pillar of many local sports communities and a key pipeline for the major leagues.

And while their connection to the big leagues is critical, the minors remain a draw in their own right. Attendance increased by 2.6% in 2019, as more than 41 million fans took in a minor-league game last season.

Sportsdigita believes in giving MiLB teams the same tools as their major-league counterparts.

More than 50 minor-league teams use Sportsdigita’s cloud-based presentation platform, Digideck, to quickly and easily create big league-caliber presentations for current and prospective partners.

Securing game-changing sponsorships, creating recaps and cutting costs on game day, all while effortlessly integrating their unique and creative branding into the platform; the minors are using Digideck to play in the big leagues.

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