Death by PowerPoint? Life by Digideck!

“If companies would have as little respect for business as they do for presentations the majority would go bankrupt.”  – Dr. John Medina


Search the term, “Death by PowerPoint,” and you will get a vast number of results including articles, blogs, and videos (our personal favorite is Don McMillan’s Life After Death By PowerPoint on YouTube). But what does the term actually mean? TechTarget offers this perfect summary:

“Key contributors to death by PowerPoint include confusing graphics, slides with too much text and presenters whose idea of a good presentation is to read 40 slides out loud. Death by PowerPoint is easily recognized by observing the audience members’ glazed eyes, furtive use of smartphones and trips to the bathroom.”  -TechTarget

Give Sales a Better Solution

Securing sponsorships, whether big or small, takes a lot of hard work and renewing those sponsorships can be just as hard. In 2017, IEG reported six out of 10 companies surveyed were looking to get out of their current sponsorships. IEG believed one reason was because the sponsor shifted priorities in the benefits they receive from a sponsorship and teams failed to notice. For example, on-site signage dropped from the second highest priority to the sixth. Working with over 350 teams including the biggest brands in sports, we have a front row seat to  the evolution of sponsorships (e.g., digital, social, mobile, etc.). For that reason, believe there may be another explanation why sponsors are looking for early exits. We believe it is your sales and recap decks.
When asked about objectives in a sponsorship, companies surveyed ranked the top three as follows:

  1. Brand Awareness (50%)

  2. Increase Brand Loyalty (46%)

  3. Change Reinforce Image (46%)

It is obvious there is a disconnect between the value rightsholders deliver and what sponsors actually perceive was delivered. If sponsors are not seeing the value in your sponsorships, then it is time to ditch your PowerPoints and give your sponsorship sales team a better solution.

The Digideck by Sportsdigita is a cloud-based presentation platform that combines the deep capabilities of a website with the ease-of-use functionality of presentation software. Armed with the Digideck, your sponsorship sales team has the ability to allow current and prospective sponsors to experience the value of your sponsorships.

Be Agile

Because the Digideck is cloud-based, you have the ability to quickly pivot when sponsors’ priorities shift. No need to develop a whole new presentation. Simply add in the new sponsorship opportunities and ask your sponsor to refresh their proposal. With the click of a button, all presentations ever created can be globally updated with the new, proper information. It’s that simple. This not only shows your team’s commitment to your sponsor’s success, but it also demonstrates that you have agility and can keep up with partner demands. This will be a differentiator for your team amongst the competition.

Engage with Powerful Rich Media

The Digideck begins by capturing your brand story right in an interactive and visually dynamic presentation. Imagine putting a sponsor in the stands, allowing them to see their brand throughout the venue. Imagine their activation appearing on the jumbo-tron within your presentation. Imagine stunning visuals and infographics that help prospects understand the value of the opportunities available to them. With the Digideck, you no longer have to imagine.

Think of it as a movie for your brand that you control with your mouse or clicker. Videos, infographics, and animations all lend to the immersive experience in a Digideck. As Chris Anderson, author of the book TED Talks, writes:

“Bullets belong in The Godfather. Avoid them at all costs. Photographs, illustrations, elegant typography, graphs, infographics, animation, video–all can dial up both the explanatory power of a talk and its aesthetic appeal.”

With the Digideck, you have the power to unleash your creative capabilities and never have to worry about animations not working or videos not playing. The result is an experience your sponsors will never forget.

So, stop using old presentation software and join over 350 of your peers that are using the Digideck to secure and retain better sponsorships.

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