Our Sportsdigita Partners Are Rolling Up Their Sleeves

Well, these past few weeks have been a whirlwind , that’s for sure, particularly in the world of sports. One day leagues are returning, the next day they are not; there’s still plenty of uncertainty at play.

People constantly ask me: What are teams doing? Are they in the office, or working remotely? Are they busy at this time?
The answer has been a pleasant surprise.

Sportsdigita is seeing exactly the opposite of what we expected to see across professional sports and beyond. Yes, a small number of our partners have been inactive, but most of our partners have been rolling up their sleeves to take advantage of this time, to become the best version of themselves when it comes to their sales processes.

The top-five trends we’re seeing include:

    • Expanded Use Cases: Teams are moving to make Digideck an organization-wide solution, rather than just leveraging the platform for Ticketing or Sponsorship.
    • Adding to their Tech Stack: With remote selling now critical, our partners are adding Zoom, ExecVision and Slack to round out a very smart sales stack.
    • Updating Their Story: Our partners are digging deep into how they present their brands.
    • Leveraging CRM: Teams are now taking the time to connect their CRMs to Digideck, making it even more powerful.
    • Training and True Adoption: Our partners are scheduling additional training to become Digideck experts.

Congratulations to all of our partners!

— Angelina Lawton, Sportsdigita Founder & CEO

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