Digideck Is A Big Deal In The Big Leagues As Spring Training Begins

Baseball is back.

As MLB and MiLB teams begin to reconvene for spring training, more teams than ever are turning to Digideck for their presentation needs.
A whopping 14 MLB teams and 50-plus MiLB teams are currently using Digideck, with additional teams joining the fold every season.

Tom Hecht, the Milwaukee Brewers’ vice president of partnership sales and management, says the platform has been a game-changer for the organization.
Milwaukee Brewers Master Deck.“The Digideck has not only transformed our new business presentations, it has dramatically affected our year-end recaps and proofs of performance,” he said. “We’ve received great feedback from our partners on having their sponsorship’s recapped through the Digideck, with its ability to seamlessly include video, as opposed to traditional hardbound books. We’re also very pleased with their ongoing efforts to keep the Digideck updated and innovative.”

Hect and the Brewers aren’t alone.

Teams like the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres are giving their ticket sales representatives the ability to create custom presentations quickly and easily, while the Colorado Rockies and New York Mets are showing off the benefits of premium seating.

“For us, time is money, and we can now get things done faster without sacrificing quality,” Chelsea Dill, the San Diego Padres corporate events and hospitality manager, said.
Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees are using Sportsdigita’s panoramas to show off their stadiums.

Learn more about the various ways Digideck is changing the game for our various MLB and MiLB partners.

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