People who take Ubers only know how ride-sharing should be: Frictionless.

Writers that use Grammarly, only know how editing should be: Instantaneous.

Creators that use Canva, only know how designing should feel: Seamless.


One of the primary reasons why startups fail (which 90% of them do) is wrong product-market fit. This is why it’s essential for founders in the ideation phase to perform due diligence with adept market research. Find a common problem faced by your industry or within your periphery of influence.

The founder of DIGIDECK by Sportsdigita, Angelina Lawton, operates one of the most progressive sports tech companies in the market because she had a clear vision of what was missing when it came to storytelling in the world of sports. As someone who frequently sat in boardrooms during her time with the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning as the SVP of Corporate Communications, Angelina grew increasingly confounded with how the most seasoned professionals in the world of sports were still using palateless, linear PowerPoints. She knew there had to be a better way.

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