Creating Immersive Proposals for Ticket Buyers With Digideck

These NFL teams are using Digideck to create immersive proposals for their ticket buyers

An entire industry is currently on hold. But while athletes train at home and fans long to fill stadiums again, we know this: Live sports will return. This industry will soon bring people back together and unite communities as it always has. When it does, ticket buyers will need to understand their options for attending games again. And while the landscape of ticketing is changing, season and partial-season ticket plans remain the backbone of professional sports attendance. Premium, group and individual ticket sales also continue to be important sources of revenue for teams. All of these options represent significant purchasing decisions that will necessitate significant effort from your sales team to ensure their buyers are confident in the investment.

Digideck is a cloud-based proposal solution with the immersive power to help reassure buyers they are making the right decision.

Sending a potential ticket buyer a boring, static PDF proposal does little to help move the sale closer to a closed opportunity, nor does it provide your sellers with any insight into the buyer’s journey. In an era in which mobile and cloud technologies are transforming the way organizations interact with consumers, sports teams are discovering new ways to create a personalized experience for fans. With Digideck, teams now have an opportunity to deliver a personalized experience directly in their ticketing proposals.


One characteristic commonly found with season, group, or premium buyers is the desire for a sense of belonging; the feeling of community that comes with being a season ticket member. Conveying that communal experience is crucial to the ticket sale process. Unfortunately, static images and bullet points simply will not bring the  excitement of your game day into the minds of prospective buyers. With Digideck, you can immerse prospects in a real game-day experience. With 360 panoramas, ticket buyers can sit in the stands, walk around a suite or view the VIP club, all from the comfort of their home. This exemplifies the power of the customer journey in the Digital Age. Virtual experiences can feel as real as the real thing. Because Digideck includes seamless video integration, your prospects can experience the game, hear directly from players, or even chat with long-time season ticket holders.
As Greg Hylton, Vice President of Premium Seating for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, put it:

“The Indianapolis Colts have benefited tremendously from Digideck’s features and functionality. Having the power to show a prospect real game-day experiences with 360 degree panos and seat viewer integration helps bring the value of our premium offerings to life.”


How do you gauge the effectiveness of your proposals? With PDF proposals, sellers can’t be sure if buyers are truly motivated, leaving no way to measure their effectiveness. Digideck, however, provides sellers a complete picture of the buyer’s journey. When prospects open your custom Digideck proposals, the assigned ticketing rep is automatically notified. Additionally, ticket reps can view how long prospects spent on each part of the proposal, where they viewed it, which type of device was used and more. This gives your reps more insight into what prospects are gravitating towards and allows your reps to follow up in a targeted and meaningful way.  Imagine your ticketing reps constantly communicating with relevant, real-time information to prospects while simultaneously saving time — That is the reality of Digideck’s influence on your organization. Give your ticketing reps time back in their day so that they can have real conversations that make a difference in purchasing decisions.


Digideck users are building dynamic, brand-specific presentations that are pre-configured based on relevant data for specific opportunities, using data sourced from a CRM.
Take the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, for example.

The Buccaneers are leveraging Digideck’s integration capabilities for their ticket renewal campaign. From start to finish, custom presentations will be sent to season ticket holders from within the Buccaneers’ CRM, while merge fields automatically populate relevant customer information into the presentation.

These highly-targeted proposals equip buyers with everything they need to purchase or renew tickets within Digideck itself. Meanwhile, the resulting buyer behavior data is then tracked within the CRM — a fully action-free process for Tampa Bay’s ticketing team.


These valuable, targeted conversations may seem like a lot of work, but with Digideck they are actually virtually effortless. Because Digideck is a cloud-based presentation platform, you can create an immersive proposal in a matter of minutes. It all begins with the creation of a Master Deck. Our team of creative experts use a consultative approach to help you design the right framework for your reps to use. With years of experience helping more than 400 professional and collegiate sports organizations thrive, our team of designers understand your business and share best practices that will help your team achieve and exceed its goals. Once your Master Deck is complete your team will have access to an immersive presentation that can be customized to every ticket buyer in a matter of minutes, not hours. This frees up sellers’ time so they can continue to focus on what they do best – sell.

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