Drive Golf Tournament Sponsorships

Imagine you were just given the green light to have full capacity of spectators at your golf tournament. Now, your golf tournament sponsorships goal is attainable. You start envisioning meetings, presentations, and new revenue. However, your tournament is only two months away and in typical event fashion, you have a million other things to do.

Sponsorship presentations traditionally take a long time to create, and oftentimes involve different team members who have their own list of priorities to complete. Additionally, it is important to ensure your proposal is top-notch, represents your event well, and provides a level of customization demonstrating to your sponsors you know what is important to them. 

Digideck can get your tournament back on track quickly by giving you the ability to:

  • Create professional presentations with videos and interactive components
  • Update sponsor branding across an entire presentation in one minute
  • Send instant updates to all sponsors or volunteers

“Presidents Cup utilizes the Digideck platform to create customized and interactive presentations for a variety of audiences, including our prospective partners, sponsors and attendees. Digideck’s multimedia functionality allows us to showcase our event in a unique and compelling way.”

Create Sponsorship Presentations Quickly

Digideck enables you to tell your own tournament story with rich multimedia, interactive features, and engaging content. Most importantly, Sportsdigita creates your Digideck using your own brand guidelines, images, font, and style ensuring all future presentations are on-brand.

Plus, with Digideck’s easy-to-use platform, your team will be able to create professional golf tournament sponsorships presentations in minutes.

Customize Golf Tournament Presentations

Digideck’s hotspot functionality allows you to upload any branding that will auto populate in any designated image with accurate placement. Consequently, potential sponsors will be able to see their brand represented accurately with real tournament images.

Do you want to create 10 presentations for 10 potential sponsors using each of their logos? Budget 10 minutes.

Do you want to add a sponsored tee marker to an existing presentation to help finally close that partnership? Budget 1 minute.

Create a Sense of Urgency

For instance, you just sold out of chalets on 18, but you have that location in previous sponsor presentations. With Digideck, it’s as easy as adding “SOLD OUT” to  the slide that features that hospitality location, and pushing your change “live” to all presentations containing that slide. 

Above all, this creates a sense of urgency to other potential partners as they see real-time updates to your now limited inventory.

Attract and Manage Golf Tournament Volunteers

Digideck is truly a platform that not only benefits the sponsorship and hospitality side of tournaments, but also your volunteer communication.

Educate volunteers on how they can get involved in your golf tournament. Provide examples of the different volunteer roles, responsibilities, and experiences they would have by volunteering at your event. 

Communicate key training information, schedule details, and other pertinent information that can all be adjusted instantly as things change. 

Overall, Digideck is a game changer in the golf tournament space – let your organization be next! Schedule a demo so you can see for yourself how dynamic, easy, and powerful Digideck can be for your tournament.

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