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Sportsdigita is the creative force behind Digideck, a cloud-based presentation platform trusted by 400+ sports and enterprise organizations worldwide. Digideck combines media-rich, visually dynamic and interactive presentations with best-in-class software technologies to fuel revenue growth.

With a proven track record in Sponsorship, Ticketing, Premium, Team Operations, Media and more, Digideck is an organization-wide solution that streamlines the presentation creation process for sports teams across every league resulting in shorter sales cycles, time savings, and immersive storytelling capabilities to bring the gameday experience to life in a virtual environment.

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Digideck LIVE

Digideck LIVE is Sportsdigita’s biggest innovation to date. This all-in-one virtual selling solution will bring the future of sales to your teams’ fingertips. Key features include:

  • Video conferencing: Deliver a world class video-chat experience when communicating with prospects directly in the Digideck platform.
  • Real-time alerts: Sellers will be alerted the minute a prospect opens their sales presentation or proposal and can choose to engage in a chat, video conference, or co-browsing experience within minutes.
  • Chat feature: Engage and communicate immediately with your prospects directly in the platform.
  • Co-browsing: Optimize customer audio and video sharing experiences across all devices using slide sync functionality.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Digideck makes it easy to create powerful presentations in a matter of minutes. Select slides from your central library of options, the “Master Deck” and create a presentation using marketing-approved content without reinventing the wheel each time.

Easy to Use Interface

Real-Time Analytics

Receive actionable insights and alerts in real-time to further optimize your sales cycle. Digideck’s analytics show you who has viewed your presentation, when, for how long, and which type of device / browser was used. Sales reps receive alerts each time their presentations are opened via email enabling them to follow up with relevant content in a timely manner.


Graham Siderius

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Anaheim Ducks

“We couldn’t be happier with our transition to Sportsdigita. The Digideck has allowed us to create customized, professional and impactful presentations, and in quicker turn-around times, than ever before. The platform allows us to present the Anaheim Ducks brand and our capabilities in the best possible way.”

George Killebrew


Major League Rugby

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Sportsdigita and utilize Digideck for the upcoming season. I’ve seen firsthand the growth they can provide in the sports industry and I’m confident they will be a game changer for the MLR, and all 12 of our teams.”

Andrew Silverman

Chief Revenue Officer

American Airlines Center

“Sportsdigita’s dynamic Digideck platform is the best in the business. From creating a custom Luxury Suite presentation to delivering a high energy Sponsorship pitch or recap, the Digideck is an indispensable tool for sales and service executives. Helping us shorten our sales cycle and creating efficiencies among our reps is invaluable.”

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