Engaging Sponsorship Presentations

Digideck is a presentation platform that combines the deep functionality of a website with the ease-to-use presentation software to bring your game day experience to life. 

Along with support from your creative team, we build you a “Master Deck” that includes:

  • Quick customizable presentations
  • Consistently branded slides
  • Real-time analytics

Quick Customizable Presentations

Updated Sponsor Branding
Digideck’s hotspot functionality allows potential sponsors to see their brand in predefined images with just a couple clicks. Do you want to create 10 presentations for 10 potential sponsors using each of their logos? Budget 10 minutes.

Automatically Generated Presentations
Answer a few questions about your prospective sponsor, and based on your answers, a presentation will automatically generate the right presentation with the most relevant slides and most compelling, brand consistent experience.

Consistently Branded Slides

Permanent Brand Standards
After understanding your business objectives and brand story, we create a stunning “Master Deck” to empower your sponsorship team’s success. Now, your staff has the ability to create custom presentations using the pre-built “Master Deck” as a starting point. 

Engaging Content
Seamlessly add rich multimedia such as videos, motion graphics, animated GIFs and high resolution images while keeping high quality and low file sizes that allow faster load times and higher engagement.

Real-Time Analytics

Sell smarter
Digideck’s analytics show you who has viewed your presentation, when, for how long, and which type of device / browser was used.

Your staff will receive real-time alerts each time their presentations are opened. Plus, your team can see what content each potential sponsors is viewing, thereby shortening your sales cycle and leading to more meaningful conversations.

If you are interested in learning how Digideck, a cloud-based presentation platform can power your virtual tours, schedule a demo below!

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