Powering Your Venue: A Streamlined Approach

Streamlining your venue’s technology is more important than ever. Even in a post-pandemic world, digitally-enabled sales interactions are twice (66%) as important than traditional sales interactions (34%), according to McKinsey’s B2B Decision Maker Pulse Survey done in April, 2020. 

While venues across the globe have begun to welcome fans and visitors back into their facilities, it is important to assess the role technology will play in the future of this industry and understand how digital interactions will continue to power venue successes and revenue. 

In this article, you will learn 3 methods to streamline technology for your venue to be as efficient and effective as possible:

  1. Empowering Venue Audiences
  2. Embrace the Sales Tech Stack
  3. A Flexible Approach

Empowering Venue Audiences with Technology

88% of consumers in the digital age are conducting research online before making a purchase decision. You can use that knowledge to speed up the sales cycle, but most importantly, you need to capture their attention during their research process to pique interest and engage them.

Potential Buyer Scenarios:

A fan wants to spend $75/ticket to have a physical seat on the first level of your venue. They need a clear understanding of the experience they will have before their purchase. Consider technologies that will demonstrate exactly what they can expect through 360 panoramic views of their potential seats. 

A group is looking to book a suite for up to 25 people, for any game in the next two months with a $3,000 budget. Leverage technologies that easily communicate your suite inventory in a digital environment to lock in your next suite opportunity.

Examples of empowering your audience:

  • Provide short questionnaire with final products matching their answers
  • Engage them with panoramas of potential seats
  • Relay the venue experience with video tours

Embrace & Streamline the Sales Technology Stack

High growth sales teams have an average of 5 applications in their technology stack. With more and more platforms and different technologies popping up, it is imperative that each of your applications work together so your salespeople can focus more time on selling. 

Assess the current technologies your organization has in place and how they do or do not integrate/interact with each other. The most progressive of sales teams will create an entirely streamlined, highly-integrated process connecting their technologies from start to finish.

While no technology can truly replace one-on-one communication with a salesperson, there are certainly ways to streamline your venue technology creating efficiencies and saving your team time. According to CSO Insights, sellers spend only 32% of their time actually selling, and if your applications are set-up properly, they can give your sales team not only more time, but also better information to increase sales.

Streamline venue technology as sellers spend only 32% of their time actually selling

A Flexible Approach

As fans return to venues, their comfort level will vary now more than ever. Being flexible and over-communicating with technology will make your staff more efficient. Whether communicating your clear bag policy, new security protocols, or parking changes, being able to utilize existing technology like your app will keep guests updated in real-time. Consider sending “Know-Before-You-Go” information to clearly communicate to visitors what to expect upon arrival and take the guesswork out of their visit.

Streamlining your technology to become more efficient and effective is essential to maximizing your sales and success. With the venue space changing as more people visit and interact with your organization, it is a pinnacle time for your team to take these strategic steps for success.

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