Renewing Tickets On An Emotional Level

The ticketing landscape is changing and teams are developing new strategies to inspire their season ticket holders to renew their packages. Many teams have begun to leverage data in order to provide a more personalized fan experience by tapping into their behaviors, interests, and other available information. Regardless of the approach, teams consistently agree that  season ticket buyers remain a genuine link to the team. Therefore, connecting with season ticket holders on an emotional level is imperative to the health of renewals and the strength of loyalty among eager fans.


When it comes time to renew, season ticket holders should never forget the magic of your venue and unique game-day experience. Static images and stagnant presentations  will simply not impact your season ticket holders on an emotional level. It is time for this to change. Sportsdigita clients are using the Digideck to embed videos directly into their proposals, allowing season ticket holders to relive their favorite moments throughout the season. As a result, season ticket holders are reminded of the enchantment your venue provides , which increases their affinity for the team and likelihood of renewing their tickets.


Being a season ticket holder is more than just about watching games. It’s about being part of a community. It’s an emotional experience shared between super fans that single ticket buyers don’t get to fully experience. Rewarding season ticket buyers for their commitment has been a long time strategy for teams to demonstrate their appreciation to fans. Hosting special events for season ticket holders or developing exclusive offers are popular ways to excite these loyal fans and encourage their renewals. With the Digideck, you can extend your unique season ticket experience directly in your proposals. Recreate the excitement of special events and offers right into your Digideck with seamless video and engaging motion graphics. Include messages from long-time season ticket holders, players, or coaches, personalized to each individual buyer all using your own automated processes to complete. . By leveraging the robust features of the Digideck, you can cultivate a communal experience for season ticket holders and demonstrates your commitment to delivering a fan experience like no other.


“The vast majority of prospects buy based on emotion, not logic. They decide to buy because it “feels right,” then use logic to justify the decision to themselves. So the better you are at making an emotional connection between the prospect and whatever you’re selling, the easier you’ll find it.  – Wendy Connick, Owner – Connick Financial Solutions

Nothing is better suited for an emotional sales tactic than a live sporting event. Moreover, the feeling of belonging to a special community, season ticket members, is heavily influenced by connection on an emotional level. Regardless of how your team is performing, you need to emphasize the feeling of community evoked by renewing season ticket packages. Make your season ticket community a “must-join” by immersing season ticket holders in an experience through your proposals. To leverage all that your team and venue has to offer and tell the most accurate story to your ticket holders, the Digideck is a “no brainer”.

No other sales tool out there has the power to connect you with your season ticket holders like the Digideck.

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