4 Ways To Tackle Sales Enablement During & After The Pandemic

The cascading effects of COVID-19 have affected global business in more ways than can be counted, and likely in ways we don’t yet fully realize. But one area of growth during the pandemic has remained consistent: sales enablement.

The size of the global sales enablement market is projected to soar to $3.1 billion by 2026, from $989 million in 2020—a 17.4% compound annual growth rate.
The B2B landscape has changed. Where once we met face-to-face with vendors and suppliers, sales and marketing teams have been forced to completely rethink their strategies and tactics for a post-pandemic world.

Sales and marketing enablement is now critically dependent on technology and on enabling sellers to operate efficiently in a digital environment. Furthermore, videoconference connections are now indicated by four out of five buyers as more desirable over audio or phone interactions in B2B settings, according to a McKinsey & Company report.

The pandemic was the push that B2B markets needed to accelerate digital strategies around sales enablement. A whopping 97% of executives claim the pandemic has sped up their company’s digital transformation, and a full 95% are now actively seeking new ways to interact with customers and prospects on digital platforms, McKinsey reports.

The global crisis also demonstrated to top executives that sales enablement technology can help… read more 

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