SportsPro Media: Angelina Lawton on Sportsdigita’s “PowerPoint on steroids”

Following her inclusion in SportsPro’s inaugural class of ten influential technologists, Angelina Lawton, the founder and chief executive of Sportsdigita, maps out the evolution of the technology company she established in 2011, and offers her advice for women looking to break into the sports tech industry.


Angelina Lawton likes to talk about the stages of her business career as if it were an ice hockey game.

The first period was what she describes as her Wall Street years, working within the financial sector for Lloyds Banking Group subsidiary Hill Samuel. But it was during the second period, as the vice president of corporate communications for the Tampa Bay Lightning, when she came up with an idea that would lead her to where she is now.

During her time with the National Hockey League (NHL) franchise, Lawton says she sat in on countless sales pitches for “huge deals”, but grew frustrated as the PowerPoint presentations being made to potential partners lacked the panache to get buyers excited about what it was they were going to be sponsoring.

So in 2011 Lawton founded Sportsdigita, a Minneapolis-based technology company established to help its clients sell their products and services in a more immersive way. According to Lawton, Sportsdigita spent its… read more

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