At the 24th Annual National Sports Forum, an impressive lineup of speakers including some of our partners at the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Timberwolves, Monumental Sports, and more shared industry insights on a variety of topics that are top-of-mind for sports executives alike.

As sports organizations invest in innovative technologies and leverage data to identify and drive new revenue streams, ROI was a topic that resonated with us at Sportsdigita. But it wasn’t return on investment rather it was return on inspiration.

Teams are finding that inspiring fans and sponsors has been paying huge dividends for both sales and marketing teams. When inspired by content, fans tend to be more engaged (sharing content with friends) and teams are seeing increases in purchase intent and brand affinity. For sponsors, it means partnering with teams on new ideas and collaborating on programs that brands own.
Of course, technology is a big driver that is allowing teams to create these inspirational moments:

  • Innovation in fan data played a large role in the agenda at NSF and became a common theme throughout the event. In today’s Digital World, teams are leveraging data to create a personalized game-day experience for fans. However, capturing fan data is just the tip of the iceberg. Truly understanding that data and how to leverage it effectively is where teams can really make an impact through inspiration.
  • Mobile tools and fan-generated content was also a trending topic at this year’s event. Whether it is deepening native functionality within a team’s app or introducing new apps to fans, a majority of mobile technology for sports is geared at creating an engaging experience that will leave a lasting impression among fans.
  • Esports was also a hot topic that curated some very thought-provoking discussion. With fan demographics beginning to include more and more millennials, esports has never been more popular. Esports is not only inspiring a new fan demographic but a new athlete as well.

Return on Inspiration is the driving force behind Sportsdigita. It is why we developed a cloud-based presentation platform that inspires fans and sponsors alike. Immersing a sponsor or a fan in the team culture, letting them know what it feels like to sit in the stadium, how their activation looks on a jumbo-tron, and to hear directly from players and coaches are just some of the examples why the Digideck was created. This type of inspiration is just not possible in traditional presentation tools.

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