U.S. Bank Stadium Using Digideck To Bring Unique Spaces To Life

U.S. Bank Stadium isn’t just the home of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings. Assistant General Manager Ann Dunne and her team use Digideck to show off all the events possible inside the cutting-edge facility’s unique spaces.

Dunne and her team needed a cutting-edge presentation platform to showcase their cutting-edge facility. “Life before Digideck was a little boring and flat,” she said.

From corporate meetings and weddings, to concerts and “mega events” like Super Bowl LII and the 2019 Final Four, her team needed a better way to bring the facility’s many unique spaces to life. In Digideck, they found a perfect solution, one that allows them to incorporate photos, videos and more to bring clients and prospects inside the stadium. “This really works for anyone who has a story to tell about their business or their product,” Dunne said. “I think it really works for any type of business.”

See the full case study here.
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