Why Recap When You Can Re-Captivate?

Re-Captivate Your Sponsors

When developing a post-sponsorship fulfillment report (or recaps), increased frequency, time of delivery, and relevant information are key deliverables sponsors have come to expect from teams. According to IEG, recaps are consistently ranked as the top service sports properties provide a sponsor. Recaps not only help sponsors justify their investment, but they also are effective in creating advocacy within the sponsoring organization. But when a sponsor doesn’t feel they received a return on their investment, they start looking for other opportunities.

In 2017, IEG reported that 58% of the companies surveyed didn’t feel they were getting the Return on Investment (ROI) they expected and therefore  were not planning on renewing their sponsorships. IEG suggests that one possible reason for this scary statistic is that sponsors don’t feel teams are keeping up with shifting priorities in terms of the value they offer their partners. It is time to show sponsors the value of sponsorship like never before and exceed their expectations.

In the Digital Era, traditional presentation software falls short when you are trying to visually showcase the results of your sponsorships. With a cloud-based presentation, your sponsorship and activation teams can capture your unique and effective partnership activations and confidently present them at an unrivaled level of professionalism. It is just not a recap, it is a re-captivation.

Putting Sponsors in the Crowd

Working with the top brands in sports, Sportsdigita understands the importance of sponsorship recaps. Our team of experts work with your sales and activation teams to ensure your recaps are more than just static images and bullet points. With the Digideck, you are able to put your sponsors in a fan role, allowing them to experience their activations as if they were walking into the arena or stadium, sitting in the stands, or catching a glimpse of the game. It is an immersive experience that cannot be achieved by PowerPoint or other basic presentation software. 

Paving the Way for Renewals

Recaps are not only important to tell your ROI story, but they are incredibly valuable when negotiating renewals. Your sponsors want to know they received what they paid for and more. A few images on a slide with text is not going to capture the excitement of the sponsorship. In fact, boring PowerPoints often take the excitement out of sponsorship recaps, which could make renewal conversations difficult. Renewals are dependent on whether your team can show that you not only fulfilled the elements of their partnership but went above and beyond to deliver ROI. You must demonstrate your willingness to adapt to your partner’s changing values and present new ideas in a dynamic way.

The power of the Digideck platform combined with our amazing creative services team, will ensure that your sponsors clearly see your team over-delivered on your activations. We take a consultative approach in designing recaps and share best practices we’ve collected along the way. As Tim Whang, Director of Client Services for the New York Mets stated, “Visually showcasing actual results of a partnership is the biggest step in getting renewals done. It brings credibility to our sponsorships. We love it when partners can actually see the value of our relationship and the Digideck helps us do just that.” Your success means our success and we provide your team with the expert knowledge needed to ensure you achieve your goals in a timely manner. 

Meeting Sponsor Demands

As mentioned, frequency and time of delivery are key factors for a successful sponsorship. With such high expectations from sponsors, recaps are harder than ever to create and can eat up an enormous amount of resources and time. This is why the Digideck is such a valuable solution for your sponsorship and activation teams. The Digideck not only allows you to create visually stunning, immersive presentations, but it allows you to create them quickly. Our clients have reported when using PowerPoint, creating recaps would take hours or even days. With the Digideck, our clients are creating amazing recaps in just minutes. By empowering your team with the Digideck, they will be able to deliver recaps after key partnership moments (i.e., Training Camp, Title Night Partnership, Summer League, etc.) more effectively and more frequently.

Time and time again, our clients have reported that their sponsors were amazed after a recap presentation with the Digideck. So much so, not only has the Digideck become instrumental in driving renewal conversations, but many of our clients are closing bigger deals as a result. It’s time to ditch your PowerPoint and step into the world of cloud-based presentations. The health and future of your sponsorships depend on it.

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