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We’re helping companies thrive in a digital world by combining smart presentation capabilities with best-in-class software technologies.

I founded Sportsdigita in 2011 with two key objectives in mind…

Angelina Lawton
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First and foremost, we wanted to fill a void in the marketplace. The sponsorship tools that my colleagues and I were relying upon to close top shelf partnerships were far from adequate. They were hard to use, they lacked creativity, and they did not take advantage of technology.

We went to work and developed the concept of the Digideck — the first ever interactive presentation software built specifically for sales and marketing professionals in the sports industry. And, we did it with a creative flair … something we like to call Innovation in Presentation. The Digideck brings your opportunities to life with a cloud-based presentation tool that is a proven revenue generator and can be maximized across your entire organization.

The second objective was to set a new standard for customer service and product support. I learned very early in my tenure with the Tampa Bay Lightning that the vendors we came to rely upon … those who became trusted partners … were simply more dedicated to the success of their clients.

I’ll never forget that lesson. For Sportsdigita, that commitment means dedicated account management for every client and building our software in a way that ensures success for the user. It’s a big part of the reason why a blue-chip roster of more than 300 professional teams, collegiate properties, leagues, and agencies rely on Sportsdigita to grow their business.

We’re just getting started and we hope you’ll be a part of our digital journey!

– Angelina Lawton, Founder + CEO

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