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Our story began when I was with the Tampa Bay Lightning as the Senior VP of Corporate Communications in 2008. During this time I noticed whenever we were presenting prospective six and seven figure deals, we were stuck within the limitations of PowerPoint…
Angelina Lawton
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We were constantly dealing with inconsistent presentations that were off brand, felt flat, and took a lot of time to create. These pain-points led us to creating the first ever in-house creative agency for a professional sports team. After seeing the success my team at the Lightning had with that decision, I knew I could bring the agency concept to the entire sports world.

In 2011, I founded Sportsdigita with these specific experiences in mind. In our early successes, it was clear that our cloud-based presentation platform, Digideck, was our crown-jewel quickly outgrowing the rest of our one-off agency offerings. From this, we followed Digideck’s success and brought on a full development team. What started as a Digital Sports Agency quickly transformed into a technology company with Digideck at our core.

We are honored to work with 350+ organizations worldwide including the biggest, most iconic brands in sports and Fortune 500. And the best part is… We’re only getting started!

– Angelina Lawton, Founder + CEO


Case Studies

yankees case study feature image square

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees teamed with Sportsdigita to maximize their opportunities with Blue Chip Brands.

Green Bay Packers Case Study

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers use Digideck throughout their organization.


Minnesota Timberwolves Case Study

The Minnesota Timberwolves teamed up with Sportsdigita to Recap their Jersey Patch Partnership with FitBit.


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