Top brands worldwide are working with Sportsdigita and using DIGIDECK. Hear from our clients how we help them sell more, and sell faster.


Tristam Osgood

Professional Baseball Agent & Analyst

WME Sports

“DIGIDECK is a valuable tool that we use to drive revenue here at the speedway. The software provides us with a digital platform we leverage to communicate with prospects professionally. The DIGIDECK platform gives us the ability to quickly customize programs to each specific prospect’s goals and track how the prospect views our proposal in real time.The product is easy to use, the customer service is excellent, and the updates and additions to the software’s ability keeps it fresh and relevant over time. We have been pleased with our relationship over the years and are excited to see where the software goes in the future.”

Presidents Cup Logo

Adam Sperling

Executive Director

Presidents Cup 2022

“Presidents Cup utilizes the DIGIDECK platform to create customized and interactive presentations for a variety of audiences, including our prospective partners, sponsors and attendees. DIGIDECK’s multimedia functionality allows us to showcase our event in a unique and compelling way.”

Dallas Mavericks

Patrick Sorensen

VP Sponsorship Activation

Dallas Mavericks

“As longtime partners of Sportsdigita, we have been impressed with the evolution of the DIGIDECK platform and continual updates that are added to provide an enhanced user experience over the years. Sportsdigita’s commitment to new features and improvements has empowered our team to truly adopt the product, engage with our partners in a meaningful way, and has been a difference maker for our team’s efficiency. We look forward to leveraging DIGIDECK for years to come.”


Rahul Srinivasan

Director of Partnerships

Toronto Arrows

“Working with Sportsdigita has been a pleasure, I’ve really appreciated the professionalism and sense of urgency to put together a great DIGIDECK for the Toronto Arrows. The process has been straightforward, well organized, and we have benefitted from the creativity brought by the entire Sportsdigita team. Really looking forward to seeing our DIGIDECK in action!”

Inter Miami

Brian Bishop

SVP, Business Development

Inter Miami CF

“At Inter Miami CF we recognized that this was a critical time to look at how we are going to market with partnership opportunities. We want to show our partners that Inter Miami CF is truly a global brand positioned to reach places other teams simply cannot by using Sportsdigita’s platform, DIGIDECK. The implementation of the platform allows us to be a client centric organization, providing meaningful solutions and opportunities that can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world. We look forward to leveraging the immersive presentation capabilities and back-end analytics of DIGIDECK as we continue to optimize our Sponsorship sales processes.”

Andrew Silverman

Chief Revenue Officer

American Airlines Center

“Sportsdigita’s dynamic DIGIDECK platform is the best in the business. From creating a custom Luxury Suite presentation to delivering a high energy Sponsorship pitch or recap, the DIGIDECK is an indispensable tool for sales and service executives. Helping us shorten our sales cycle and creating efficiencies among our reps is invaluable.”

Madison Square Garden

Rob Sullivan

SVP, Premium Sales & Service

Madison Square Garden 

“Sportsdigita’s DIGIDECK has significantly upgraded our premium presentation capabilities. Gone are the days of dated creative and inconsistent messaging. The DIGIDECK has provided our sales and service staff with a turnkey, intuitive, engaging and customizable tool to use for sales proposals, renewal conversations and annual recaps with current and prospective premium partners. Additionally, the backend analytics have given our team insight into how quickly and often our prospects are viewing our presentations. From initial concept to product launch, the Sportsdigita team has provided best-in-class customer service and support. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Sportsdigita for years to come!”


George Killebrew


Major League Rugby

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Sportsdigita and utilize DIGIDECK for the upcoming season. I’ve seen firsthand the growth they can provide in the sports industry and I’m confident they will be a game changer for the MLR, and all 12 of our teams.”

LA Lakers

Blain Skinner

Executive Director-Corporate Partnerships

Los Angeles Lakers

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire DIGIDECK team. DIGIDECK is on the cutting edge of new technology and that’s a place where the Lakers want to be. Even though it was a big project, DIGIDECK was extremely supportive during the entire process and provided excellent customer service. Now that we’ve seen the product come to fruition we couldn’t be happier.”

Orlando City

Chelsey Burns

Sr. Director of Corporate Partnerships & Premium Suites

Orlando City Soccer Club

“Orlando City SC has benefitted dramatically from DIGIDECK over the last several years. Our sponsorship team has been more agile and targeted than ever because of DIGIDECK’s rich offerings and functionality. With the recent addition of Orlando Pride branding to our DIGIDECK – we are able to combine messaging with ease while still tailoring our presentations to each unique audience. We are thrilled with the Sportsdigita team and look forward to continuing to leverage the power of DIGIDECK within key sponsorship activities.”

DC United

Logan Beine

Manager, Corporate Partnerships

D.C. United

“D.C. United has greatly benefitted from the implementation of DIGIDECK for our sponsorship sales and storytelling processes. Tools like 360 panoramic views and hotspot technology have enabled our team to bring robust presentations to life without bogging down our graphic design team. This simple improvement has consequently shortened our sales cycle, and widened our outreach. Presentation analytics have also allowed our team to follow up at appropriate times and know when decks have been shared across different geographic regions. We recommend DIGIDECK to any organization looking to improve its presentation capabilities and make their employees self-reliant creators.”


Jaime Kelm

Director, Business and Data Strategy

Los Angeles Football Club

“DIGIDECK has helped bring the LAFC story to life through customizable, media rich, and interactive presentations. The dynamic narrative of LAFC’s history, brand and partnerships all come together in one platform, including tailored infographics and data analytics which have been a huge value add. DIGIDECK has helped our department innovate and push our Club’s mission to be a Best-In-Class business organization.”

Nashville SC

Dan Farrell

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships

Nashville SC

“Nashville SC recognized the importance of starting our inaugural season off on the right foot – and DIGIDECK was a no brainer. The ability to create powerful, branded presentations in a matter of minutes during a pinnacle time for our franchise has been a game changer for our Sponsorship team. From rich multimedia, to hot spots and interactive graphics, DIGIDECK helps set Nashville SC apart from the competition. We are excited to leverage DIGIDECK as our organization continues to grow and expand in the digital age.”

Angelo Scaccetti

Corporate Partnerships & Marketing

The Honda Classic

“As the Honda Classic continues to evolve, it’s imperative that our team has the appropriate resources to showcase Tournament Sponsorship + Hospitality offerings in a dynamic & engaging format. DIGIDECK has given us a platform to deliver professional, bespoke presentations in minutes with back-end tracking to follow up with the most relevant content for every conversation. We look forward to powering Partnerships for years to come with DIGIDECK.”

Fresno Grizzlies

Jazzmine Young

Partnership Services Manager

Fresno Grizzlies

“With DIGIDECK, the Fresno Grizzlies have now been able to share the essence of what Growlifornia is to our fans, and community. With the ease of layouts and graphic capabilities we have been able to transfer wordy presentations into a visual experience that can truly showcase the opportunities available to clients and prospects as if it were storytelling. Being able to work with DIGIDECK remotely is just icing on the cake.”

Ann Dunne

Assistant General Manager

U.S. Bank Stadium

“We are excited to watch the DIGIDECK bring our event spaces to life for our potential clients. We sell experiences, so having the opportunity to create a vision for the spaces is key. The DIGIDECK not only allows us to connect with event and meeting planners near and far, it showcases the impact that our stadium and event spaces offer, leaving guests with an unforgettable, one of a kind event experience.”

Greg Economou

Chief Commercial Officer & Head of Sports


“Sportsdigita is a partner that makes us more effective by helping us tell stories and connect with people in the moment to build relationships. They also make us more efficient, measured, and strategic in our sales process.”

Jen Leone

Coordinator, Suite Sales & Services

The Philadelphia Phillies

“The DIGIDECK has allowed us to transform our once-simple sales proposals into interactive presentations that showcase our offerings with stunning images and panoramic views of Citizens Bank Park. Our existing and prospective clients now have a comprehensive view into what it means to be a Phillies suite holder, and we now have the tools to maximize our business.”


Ryan Cannella

Director of Sales

Myrtle Beach Pelicans

“The DIGIDECK streamlines the proposal generation process giving our sales team the ability to create high quality presentations in a much shorter period of time. We have undoubtedly increased our sales and overall productivity thanks to the DIGIDECK.


Chris Weddige

Assistant Director, Ticket Sales

Chicago Cubs

“With our organization focusing on streamlining product offerings, the DIGIDECK has been a fantastic tool for our sales teams over the past several seasons. Everything is user-friendly and creates an easy experience for sellers and clients to digest information and drive value. Whether it be a volume sales role or a premier sales role, the DIGIDECK has positioned us for success as we chase down lofty revenue goals in a competitive market.”


Greg Zweig

Director of Corporate Partnerships

San Diego Gulls

“The DIGIDECK platform is an integral piece of our new business, renewal, and seasonal recap process. The user-friendly solution allows our sales team to create custom presentations on the fly that allow us to display the Bulls brand in a capacity that has resonated really well with current and prospective partners. The backend “Stats” functionality is extremely valuable in tracking how engaged a partner/prospect is at the start of the sales process. Our adoption of the DIGIDECK technology has vastly improved the pitch capabilities of our Partnerships team and helped set us apart in our market.”

Marinda Kitchen

Sales Manager

Fort Myers Mighty Mussels

“I was introduced to DIGIDECK when I worked for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx during 2018-19 seasons. I had only used PPT before for proposals, and was amazed by the efficiency and effectiveness of DIGIDECK! I had more time on my hands, more direction when creating proposals by using the Master Deck, more creative slides and testimonies from current clients, etc.

When I was offered a position with the brand new Mighty Mussels team for the 2020 season, I was disappointed to learn that I was back to creating PPT for prospect presentations and proposals. I quickly brought the idea of using Sportsdigita’s DIGIDECK platform to our EVP’s attention, and even showed him a proposal I had made previously in Minnesota. My pitch for Sportsdigita was quickly brought to our President and Owner’s attention, and approved shortly afterwards. Our organization will become bigger and better – thanks to DIGIDECK!

We are thrilled to partner with Sportsdigita, and look forward to creating more modern and advanced proposals for our top clients and appreciated fans!”

Steve Given

Executive Director, Business Development

Hartford Yard Goats

“We’ve been using DIGIDECK for the last two seasons. Our goal is to create a top notch experience for our valued partners and fans in every way possible. Having the DIGIDECK as a resource to showcase marketing opportunities and premium seating areas to potential and current partners complements that goal. We’ve received many compliments on the platform from our contacts, there’s a short learning curve for mastering it, and the Sportsdigita team is extremely helpful with any troubleshooting and recommendations. The fact that you can see when the recipient sees the deck and where they visit within the deck is very beneficial to our process. Looking forward to continuing a great relationship with the Sportsdigita team.”

Ryan Tanke

Chief Operating Officer

Minnesota Timberwolves

“The DIGIDECK is such a natural fit for our organization’s vision. For Fitbit or any other partner that is not at the games every night, for us to be able to use a multidimensional communication tool to bring the in-arena experience to their offices, their computers, and mobile devices is as close as we can get them to the actual game. The partnership with Sportsdigita really fit perfectly into our desire to be the best. We want to compete for championships in all facets of what we do.”

Bryan Stine

Senior VP Sales Operations

Fort Wayne Mad Ants

“Sportsdigita has created a seamless process for us to create proposals for our prospects and season recaps for our clients. The Sportsdigita team spent valuable time with us to create the presentation tools that work for our market. Every step in the process from working together to build the initial master deck to training our sales team on utilizing the DIGIDECK went very smooth. Sportsdigita gave us a timeline of deliverables, and they stuck to that timeline. I see the DIGIDECK being our most valuable sales tool simply for the fact that it will allow our sales reps to be more efficient in creating professional proposals that capture attention. We have significantly upped our game now that we have partnered with Sportsdigita.”

Casey Edwards

Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships

Circuit of the Americas

“With Circuit of The Americas adding new assets and events in 2019, we were excited to reach out to the Sportsdigita team for fresh imagery in our DIGIDECK to reflect our recent growth. The SD team was incredibly helpful in walking us through the creative refresh process and took the time to fully understand our needs as a property. We had a unique vision for the new creative and how it would effectively tell the story of COTA, and Sportsdigita brought it to life exactly how we envisioned it. As we move towards this new phase of growth for Circuit of The Americas, the DIGIDECK will continue to be an integral part of positioning our property to sponsors and strategic partners.”

David Kosydar

Director of Partner Services

Frisco RoughRiders

“The DIGIDECK has completely revolutionized the Frisco RoughRiders’ ability to create new business. Several departments now operate off the same platform, which in turn gives us more cohesive messaging in our respective communications. The fact that we started the deck-building process after our season opener, yet our staff were able to begin making presentations with ease by the All-Star break, is a testament to Sportsdigita’s Team and the exceptional level of customer service and efficient onboarding process. This user-friendly platform adds a layer of sophistication to our presentations that will enhance our productivity for years to come!”

Katie Foreman

Corporate Partnerships Coordinator

Miami Dolphins

“Sportsdigita is a user-friendly program and has been very helpful in our partner recap process.  Being able to utilize KORE and pull recap presentations straight from there has been a big time-saver, as well as the ability to keep our brand standards with the templates already created for the team.

Steve Olwell

Director of Corporate Sponsorships


“The DIGIDECK Creative Launch Process was a smooth transition that was embraced by our Sales and Service team due to the user friendly formatting of the program. The DIGIDECK has directly impacted the customization of our Sales Proposals and has led to a larger volume of trackable data that we can use during sponsorship discussions.”

Robert J. Fallen

President & Commissioner

United States Hockey League

“The flexibility of the DIGIDECK platform was precisely what we were looking for and our needs at both the league and team level. It allows us to customize our messaging to a variety of audiences in an efficient and effective manner, especially the freedom it provides our production staff to make quick changes on a moment’s notice. The account team at Sportsdigita was responsive and unafraid to share their opinions based upon experience and expertise which was immensely helpful in managing the project.”

Danielle Gaw

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Nashville Sounds

“DIGIDECK has completely transformed how the Sounds connect with our partners and prospects. From proposals to season recaps, the process is easy yet looks amazing. DIGIDECK allows us to showcase our ballpark opportunities in a unique way, always impressing the client. The platform has also streamlined our control and management of our sales reps and our inventory, helping the sales reps deliver both quality and consistent presentations that keep the brand integrity. Would recommend DIGIDECK to any team looking to upgrade how they interact with clients!”

Greg Hulen

Executive Vice President

Seminole Boosters

“The DIGIDECK is a key part of our fundraising efforts for the Seminole Boosters. It is a great way to present and share information with our donors. The DIGIDECK allows us to combine words, pictures and video into a compelling presentation. It is a true game changer.”

Kyle Day

Assistant General Manager of Sponsorships

Spokane Indians

“DIGIDECK has been a game-changer for our sponsorship department. It’s decreased the time each proposal takes to make, while simultaneously allowing us to showcase a better version of our product than we had in the past. It’s been worth the investment for our team without a doubt. Especially important to us was the integration with our CRM (Salesforce). We are now fully integrated, and everything is able to be logged and tracked in the most efficient way possible. The DIGIDECK team has been incredibly helpful, from the initial stages of building our deck to the CRM integration, they are always quick to respond with any questions that we may have. Additionally, they are extremely open to our suggestions about functions that could help make our user experience better. We couldn’t be happier with the product, our relationship, and the sales outcomes that we’ve experienced as a result of the Spokane Indians/DIGIDECK Partnership.”

John Elliott

Manager, Business Development

San Jose State University

“The DIGIDECK is the best product to sell your vision. It can be customized to your customers’ needs and it is user-friendly for your team. This is the product you want to use. It has made our sales process simpler and more efficient. We can put together several presentations to companies in less than an hour. Before it would take hours to get just one right with PowerPoint.”

Bobby Couch

Associate Athletic Director & Director of IPTAY Major Gifts

Clemson University

“IPTAY is excited to partner with Sportsdigita to bring our state of the art, one of a kind football operations complex to life! Having the ability to create a customize presentation to encourage donors to explore the intricacies of this dynamic facility through the DIGIDECK is going to be a game changer. Our team cannot wait to take the DIGIDECK out to our donor base!”

Jim Van Stone

Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales and Services

Monumental Sports & Entertainment

“Digital is a key part of our sales strategy because – among many other things – it is a highly efficient way of communicating and it best supports our philosophy of communicating in a meaningfully different way to distinct buyer segments. Sportsdigita’s new approach to the eBrochure delivers on our need for segmented messaging while also providing us with a flexible sales tool in terms of personalization, customization, and analytics. Their eBrochure solution is a smart direct response marketing tool and we’re thrilled to have it as a key element of our sales & marketing mix.”

Matt Haddad

Senior Director of Groups, Suites & Outbound Sales

Colorado Rockies

“Our sales staff has benefited greatly from Sportsdigita’s eBrochure and Seat Viewer technology. The ability to share 360 views with clients and the personalization option that exists within the eBrochure enhances the sales process for both the seller and the end user. The team at Sportsdigita has been a pleasure to work with and we’ve appreciated their flexibility throughout the creative process.”

Tom Hecht

Vice President of Corporate Marketing

The Milwaukee Brewers

“The DIGIDECK has not only transformed our new business presentations, it has dramatically affected our year-end recaps and proofs of performance. We’ve received great feedback from our partners on having their sponsorship’s recapped through the DIGIDECK, with its ability to seamlessly include video, as opposed to traditional hardbound books. We’re also very pleased with their ongoing efforts to keep the DIGIDECK updated and innovative.”

Mike Dinerman

Sponsorship & Digital Marketing

Stewart Haas Racing

“DIGIDECK actually saved us big time last week. We were presenting remotely last week and the computer we were using was malfunctioning in a big way. We had to email the deck link to the CEO’s assistant and we went from there. No harm done but without the ability to send the link, we would have been in a big trouble.”

Tom Bendetti

Director, Corporate Partnerships

Lehigh Valley IronPigs

“Our organization started with Sportsdigita in January. Already, our team has created nearly 400 DIGIDECKs that have accumulated more than 83 hours of viewing time from our prospects, which is really impressive. Our first DIGIDECK presentation became our biggest sales success for this year. That was a fun launch point and a significant win for us.”

Eric Stisser

Senior Vice President of Corporate Sponsorship

St. Louis Blues

“We utilize the DIGIDECK platform to help us engage and educate our partners during the recap process by providing concise and interactive digital overviews. Our Sales & Account Management teams are more efficient and creative in preparing customized presentations that help our corporate partners fully appreciate and understand the overall scope of the relationship.”

Chris Andrews

General Manager

Cyclones Sports Properties

“I was pleasantly surprised with the finished product that was customized for us. Their expertise and guidance helped my sales team re-create and re-think how we present our partnerships. The confidence our seller had while presenting this partnership was in large part due to the work and collaboration with Sportsdigita. It was refreshing to have their experience in our corner for such a difficult, but key renewal for our property.”

Dana Harple

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Atlanta United FC & Mercedes-Benz Stadium

“The DIGIDECK has helped us with key Mercedes-Benz Stadium partnerships. The multimedia functionality makes a big impact. It gives us the ability to use our videos and high-res pictures, and our sizzle reel instantly provides our partners a look back at the season and their activation program.”

Bryant Pfeiffer

Senior Vice President of Sales & Strategy

Minnesota United FC

“Sportsdigita has been a great partner supporting our growth as a club. From a sponsorship standpoint, we’ve been able to engage with our partners more efficiently and truly communicate the power of our brand and rapidly growing fan-base. When launching the Experience Center this past March, it was an easy decision to choose the DIGIDECK to highlight the imperious features of our new stadium. Being able to effectively illustrate the stadium experience to season ticket holders and strategic partners alike is an invaluable asset for our team as they walk through our interactive, touchscreen experience. The DIGIDECK complements our club’s direction, forward-looking narrative, and innovation-centric vision.”

Peter Lubell

VP of Corporate Partnerships


“DIGIDECK has separated Barrett-Jackson from the competition by bringing our proposals to life! After the first deck we sent to a sponsorship prospect, their initial comments were ‘This is one of the most impressive presentations we’ve ever received.’ The system’s capabilities and user-friendly interface make it fun to create best-in-class sales presentations. The DIGIDECK team has been great to work with and we’d recommend the platform to anyone looking to raise their game (and revenues).”

Nenah Bondi

Marketing Design Specialist

AEG Global Partnerships

“Sportsdigita’s solution allows us to create custom templates and adjust those options easily and efficiently. Before using the DIGIDECK, our presentation tool did not allow us to be this organized. Our team is more efficient, we can communicate our messages better, and we can easily collaborate on edits and changes. The DIGIDECK has streamlined our process so that we can easily add content and services for all AEG properties while giving each a unique feel. Most importantly, our clients are enjoying an interactive experience because of the DIGIDECK.”

Erik Hudson

Director of Season Tickets Sales & Service

Minnesota Twins

“Sportsdigita’s Premium Sales DIGIDECK has given our Sales team a dynamic way to present our suites, clubs, and hospitality areas at Target Field. Our younger salespeople, who are accustomed to using technology in their everyday life, have really taken to using the DIGIDECK. But beyond that, our veteran group sales reps have been using it extensively as well. This tells me that not only is the DIGIDECK a dynamic, interactive way to present our sales collateral… it’s also very user friendly as well. I would recommend the DIGIDECK to any Ticket Sales team looking to modernize their approach to sales presentations.”

Tim Lister

Director of Business Development


“Having Sportsdigita out to our headquarters was invaluable. Our staff is busy with their everyday responsibilities so Sportsdigita was able to make the content and asset management process very streamlined as they took the time to learn about our sales strategy and goals. Our DIGIDECK is right on point with the power of NASCAR and supports our initiatives of how we want to present our assets to support driving revenue.”

John Maher

VP of Brand Marketing & Communications

Minnesota Wild

“I’ve been impressed with the team that Sportsdigita has put together in such a short time. They understand our objectives, which is a great place to start. The staff is creative and turns around projects quickly.”

Chelsea Dill

Manager of Corporate Hospitality & Events

San Diego Padres

“Sportsdigita has allowed our Sales Team to expand their creativity through cutting edge technology. We have seen our staff completely transition from using dated proposal models to the DIGIDECK. With a large menu of products ranging from season ticket memberships to hospitality spaces and larger corporate packages, the DIGIDECK allows our team to be confident in the products they are pitching. We have been able to cut down the sales process, but still deliver what is best for our clients. In addition to the product, we are very happy with the Sportsdigita Team as they continue to check in and provide us with updates and changes when needed. We are looking forward to growing with Sportsdigita!”

Graham Siderius

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Anaheim Ducks

“We couldn’t be happier with our transition to Sportsdigita. The DIGIDECK has allowed us to create customized, professional and impactful presentations, and in quicker turn-around times, than ever before. The platform allows us to present the Anaheim Ducks brand and our capabilities in the best possible way.”

Tim Zue

Vice President of Business Development

Boston Red Sox

“We selected Sportsdigita to create a microsite for our Red Sox Rewards loyalty program and could not have been happier with the choice. From start to finish they made the entire design process extremely easy and delivered an excellent finished product under very tight time constraints. I have worked with many different vendors during my career in sports and Sportsdigita is in a select group at the top of the list that delivers exceptional results while being a joy to work with. We very much look forward to our next opportunity to work with them.”

Michael Freedman

Marketing Solutions

Los Angeles Dodgers

“The Dodgers cannot say enough good things about the creativity, inventiveness, responsiveness and all-around client servicing of Sportsdigita. Our sponsorship outreach process has been strengthened because of our new proposal format and has continued to bring positive feedback throughout the organization. We look forward to evolving our go-to-market creative platform with Sportsdigita by our side for years to come!”

Jim Ballweg

Vice President of Corporate Partnerships

Carolina Hurricanes

“The DIGIDECK gives us flexibility and makes the sales process much more engaging and impactful whether we are presenting a proposal or a season recap. It allows our sales team to communicate in a very visual way with prospects by adding interactive capabilities like video, rich media, audio, and analytics to help accelerate the sales cycle in a controlled effective way.”

Wade Graf

Senior Director of Group Sales

New York Mets

“Sportsdigita’s Premium DIGIDECK has given our Group Sales team the ability to rapidly generate customized, dynamic presentations and proposals for our prospects. What’s unique about the interface is that it allows us to easily make updates to our master sales collateral without slowing down our sales reps – real time! We’ve also really benefited from the presentation analytics that help take guesswork out of the sales follow-up process.”

Patrick Scully

Sponsorship Sales

Tennessee Titans

“First off, everyone we have worked with from Sportsdigita has been amazing. Not only are they quick to answer any questions, but they are proactive in letting us know of new features and ways to better enhance our selling process. While the look and feel of the DIGIDECK is impressive, what people don’t see on the back end is the ease of creating proposals, recaps and activation guides in a timely manner. That being said, my favorite part is the ability to track when prospects are looking at the presentation and what elements they are spending the most time on. Being able to call/email someone within minutes of them looking at the DIGIDECK allows the Titans to be top of mind and really speed up the sales cycle. If we’re going to ask for top dollar from our partners, then we need to accurately highlight all that we have to offer in an impressive and professional manner. The DIGIDECK has helped us achieve this goal.”

Terry Tiernon

VP of Corporate Partnerships

Indiana Pacers

“Sportsdigita has given us the ability to take our sales processes to the next level. We have the ability to choose an item of inventory, create a slide within the Master Deck, and with a few clicks, generate custom presentations. Having the capability to update decks in real time has allowed our sales team to move faster with a better quality presentation to more potential customers.”

Chris Insolera

Senior Manager of Corporate Sales & Sponsorships

New York Yankees

“Sportsdigita helped us create a dynamic sales tool that presents our brand and assets in a way our old PowerPoint decks never could. Their product is easy to use and their customer service is top-notch. I would recommend them to anyone looking to modernize their sales materials and process.”

Eric Grundfast

Vice President, Sales

Iowa Wild

“Our experience from the kick off call to the launch was flawless. Natalia and Doug did a tremendous job laying out the schedule with set dates that allowed my team to accomplish tasks and make sure we hit our launch date. The DIGIDECK has allowed our sales and service team to create cutting edge proposals which reflect our level of professionalism in the market. Our favorite DIGIDECK feature is the back-end analytics provided when clients or potential customers review decks. We get real-time alerts which allows us to follow up with that individual and discuss with them assets they are looking at.”

Leah Scattergood

Partnership Coordinator

Pittsburgh Steelers

“Sportsdigita’s DIGIDECK has allowed the Pittsburgh Steelers to put together compelling and engaging proposals as well as communicate to our partners on a frequent basis with real time recap touchpoints. The DIGIDECK has become a powerful tool for us to deliver value to our current and prospective clients with enhanced visuals catered to client-specific needs. The Sportsdigita Team made the transition to using the DIGIDECK seamless and we look forward to building upon our partnership moving forward.”

Steven Anderson

Assistant General Manager

Idaho Steelheads

“Sportsdigita has enabled us to create professional, highly-visual proposals showcasing all of our sponsorship elements in a unique and efficient way. By utilizing the DIGIDECK, our team saves time creating content which, in return, has resulted in a notable increase in sponsorship sales and productivity. We have heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients viewing our presentations which has elevated our confidence in each sponsorship we secure. The entire process, including working with Sportsdigita staff, has been incredibly seamless and beneficial to our organization.”

Joel Zawacki

Assistant General Manager

Indianapolis Indians

“The DIGIDECK has added a level of professionalism to our client presentations that we haven’t seen before. Its smooth interface provides a clean look we can be proud of and it is easy to use for our internal team. It is a critical tool for how we operate.”

Adam Carney

Director of Premium Sales & Service

Columbus Crew SC

“We have thoroughly enjoyed utilizing the Ticketing eBrochure and 360 Seat Viewer to present our products to future Crew SC supporters. This technology has given our reps the power to provide a personalized recommendation of options as well as given the prospect the power to understand different locations and amenities of the stadium. Creating a proposal has become a more streamlined process for our reps, with the addition of the eBrochure and the interactive nature of the 360 Seat Viewer allows the prospect to become more engaged during the sales process.”

Katie Kenne

VP, Business Operations

Dubuque Fighting Saints

“Sportsdigita has helped streamline the Dubuque Fighting Saints’ proposal and recap processes by making it easy for staff to find the proper assets and elements quickly and efficiently when creating their pitch. Audiences are impressed by the professional look and innovative approach the DIGIDECK provides. Incorporating video and rich media without file restrictions has helped immerse prospects into real, game-day scenarios to highlight their brand’s exposure. Real-time alerts and analytics allow our staff to see when presentations and proposals are viewed and follow-up in a timely manner to optimize the sales process.”

Josh Gross

Vice President of Business Operations

San Diego Seals Lacrosse

“As an expansion team, it’s our job to craft a compelling narrative to share with potential corporate partners and ticket buyers. The DIGIDECK has been a great tool in helping us share the story of the San Diego Seals, and the National Lacrosse League as a whole. We’ve received tremendous feedback from those who’ve received our deck!”


Mark Rossi

VP, Sales and Marketing

Dover International Speedway

“DIGIDECK is a valuable tool that we use to drive revenue here at the speedway. The software provides us with a digital platform we leverage to communicate with prospects professionally. The DIGIDECK platform gives us the ability to quickly customize programs to each specific prospect’s goals and track how the prospect views our proposal in real time.The product is easy to use, the customer service is excellent, and the updates and additions to the software’s ability keeps it fresh and relevant over time. We have been pleased with our relationship over the years and are excited to see where the software goes in the future.”

Melissa Jannetta

Vice President of Business Development

FC Dallas

“Our DIGIDECK demonstrates the passion and excitement of FC Dallas. The platform has been a game changer for our sales process. It gets our team to the closing table faster and has sped up our sales cycle. I would highly recommend Sportsdigita to other brands.”

Amy Sprangers

Vice President of Corporate Partnerships & Suite Sales

Seattle Seahawks

“The Seahawks partnership with Sportsdigita has immediately benefited our franchise in many ways. The DIGIDECK is a powerful and effective way for us to deliver value to current partners and create proposals to prospecting clients. The sales platform is entirely interactive and allows us to engage with our partners through visual presentations that they connect with.”