Salesforce recently found 54% of audiences believe companies need to fundamentally transform how they engage with customers. 


Your audience wants innovative engagement opportunities. So what is your team or franchise doing right now to ensure you’re providing exceptional experiences for your partners and fans alike? In sports, experience is everything. Top performing teams understand the need to provide creative audience experiences because of the revenue implications associated. With competitive markets, the proliferation of technology, and an increasingly tech-savvy fan base, its critical to find new ways to engage – driving both revenue and excitement for the benefit of your team.

And for most, the lowest hanging fruit with the highest potential ROI is: your proposals and presentations. In other words, if you’re pitching a seven-figure deal to Pepsi Cola, you better have the presentation ammunition needed to captive this marquee audience and, in return, convert them to partners.

In this piece, we’ll showcase strategies that boost engagement through interactive, virtual presentations that drive revenue.

Hurdles in the Virtual Space

Zippia recently surveyed 2,000 workers using apps like Zoom daily: 67% of workers are distracted during virtual meetings, and 55% of workers admit to checking emails during virtual meetings.

In a distracting medium, it’s important to focus on the key factors that can drive engagement, and stop your fans and partners from clicking out—and checking out.

Starting with your presentations and proposals, find a medium that limits distractions and focus on a streamlined approach. With a presentation platform in place, your audience benefits:

  1. Interactive Slides welcoming audience input
  2. Self-Service
  3. Native Video Conferencing 

Interactive Content

Screen-sharing has become second nature for most remote and hybrid audiences as the pandemic sparked a major transition to work-from-home and hybrid models. But with screen-sharing solutions, audiences have no agency, and no reason to engage. 

Elite presentations and proposals give your partners and fans the the opportunity to click and explore the content that’s offered. Simple design tools like sliders + clickable boxes that reveal answers or descriptions are a great starting point.

By mirroring website functionality in presentations, teams boost the opportunities for fans + partner engagement with familiar elements like navigation bars, expandable tabs, scrollable content, etc. 

An advanced engagement strategy like this differentiates your team in the marketplace and leaves a tangible, lasting impression on fans + partners in oversaturated marketplaces.

Presentations on Mobile

Over half of all web traffic in 2021 occurred via mobile devices ( A poor mobile experience cuts down on engagement by roughly 52%.

If a team’s presentations are simply downloadable PDFs, they limit themselves from the possibility of engagement. If fifty percent of those presentations are viewed via mobile devices—and they don’t load right—teams don’t present their brand positively. Videos might not load, formatting may be unnavigable, and engagement drops off significantly.

To stay ahead of the curve, a seller’s audience should have just as many opportunities to explore + engage with presentations on—or off—their mobile devices and tablets.  


The simplest solution is often the best one—and the ideal interactive presentation is built by your audience’s needs.

While there is a variety of different web-based tools to increase engagement with form fills, content automation, the ideal solution is based on tools that: 

  • Increase productivity 
  • Boost the efficiency of existing + new strategies
  • Increase the effectiveness throughout a given presentation’s life cycle.


DIGIDECK is the Presentation Platform transforming the way the biggest names in sports sell. With media-rich presentations, back-end analytics, and limitless integration capabilities, DIGIDECK is powering the future of engagement for teams and franchises alike.

Learn how DIGIDECK can work for you today!

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