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80% of customers consider their experience with a company or brand as important as its products (Salesforce). 75% will stop doing business with a company after a negative experience with that company (VHT). Yet only 49% say companies provide a good customer experience (PWC).

Translating to sports: best-in-class teams, leagues, and organizations are working to remain on the right side of this 49% as audience expectations shift. With increased competition, it is more critical than ever for your team to create a seamless experience from the ballpark to the board room—where purchase decisions are frictionless and intuitive for your fans and partners alike.

This guide covers the definition, benefits, and creation of a seamless audience experience, as well as highlights the tech-forward solutions that make achieving this North Star more realistic.


Defining a Seamless Audience Experience

The audience experience is the culmination of every interaction an individual has with your brand. It is considered seamless when there are no barriers to communication, answers, action, and game day. It’s the simplest way your audience goes from a want—to a need—to your experience.

Addressing the Importance

There are more options for fans and partners than ever, and review sites coupled with social media give the full scoop to eager fans and partners as they make critical purchasing decisions. A seamless audience experience differentiates your team in the competitive sports landscape. While pipeline will benefit the most with ROI from a seamless audience experience, partner + fan retention also play a critical role in sports.

Understanding the Audience Experience

With a solidified understanding, teams and franchises can begin to predict the desires of their partners and fans while simultaneously giving them the materials they need to convert.

Build a seamless audience experience by understanding these key factors:

  • What collateral are you sending & when?
  • What are the key pain points of your audience?  
  • How long is their decision-making process?

Many of these are questions are covered in the discovery process, but for the questions that feel too forward or impolite, teams use their CRM to pull averages of:

  • Total # of emails sent
  • Total # of collateral sent
  • Total meetings scheduled 
  • Sales cycle length

Using variables like industry, company size, region, and more can provide specific insights to hone in on a given fan or partner efficiently.


Human Connection

For ordering paper towels or groceries, digital solutions like Alexa work great. But no one starts a $50,000 investment with the phrase “Hey Siri”. Large deals with your partners require a larger amount of trust—there’s no way around it. People need to connect and interact on a personal level for deals that offer the biggest potential.

If your sellers can meet in-person at your venue, that’s fantastic. However, if they are limited to the Virtual Sales world, there’s a myriad of solutions for creating personal connections with your fans and partners digitally:

Sports fans cheering in stadium

The ultimate way to file your pipeline conversations and organize your efforts. Consider integrating with your presentation platform, like Digideck, to add more efficiency to your sales conversations.

Custom Video Messages
For a truly personalized touch, add on to a message, email, presentation, etc. Apps like BombBomb lead the industry as a solution for easily creating and tracking personalized videos. They’re better if they’re not perfect—the less scripted it sounds, the more personal it feels.

Recording Virtual Conferences
Video conference software like Google and Zoom let you record in real- time, and can help dig out useful information and anecdotes to recall. Best-in-class Ticketing and Sponsorship teams use programs like Gong or CallRail to record and produce transcripts and sales insights into what works best—and can use recordings for onboarding and training.


According to a Zendesk study, 89% of buyers ranked speed of response the top factor in their customer experience. The Harvard Business Review found that responding to requests within the first hour can 7x the chances of success. To attain those numbers, your team needs to respond within the hour for any request:

  • Group Sales & Events
  • Emails & Calls
  • Website Chatbots
  • Ticket package inquiries 
  • Sponsorship kit conversations

Responses that don’t require new collateral or content are easy to expedite with a priority level change or editing email notification settings. For sending collateral or content, however, staying within one hour for a send deadline can be stressful. To mitigate that, teams can use Content Management systems like Hubspot or Bynder to quickly and easily store/find collateral for any occasion AND integrate directly back to your CRM + presentation platform.

Efficiency & Convenience

PWC’s extensive research of the global expectations of customer experience point to efficiency and convenience as the two most important factors when making a buying decision. 60% and 50% respectively say that they would pay more for them. An ideal, seamless, efficient, and convenient line of communication is built on giving customers:

  • One number to call
  • One email chain/scheduling platform
  • One Virtual Conferencing solution
  • One living, searchable home for all collateral and materials

The shortest road from point of contact to onboarding is a straight line. Your audience wants their experience to be easy and effortless.

Forward-thinking sellers automate their updates to materials and presentations reflecting their audience’s questions. Additionally, elite Sponsorship + Ticketing operations utilize the data from past seasons in their CRM to predict the collateral needs of their fans, partners, and consumers.

The key is for sellers to keep their links simple and their messages organized. The most effective way to quickly and effectively empower your sellers is with a central presentation or cloud-based hub for all of your collateral and content needs.

Revenue Growth At Every Stage

The most straight-forward reason to invest in a seamless audience experience: revenue growth across teams. It can expedite sales cycles while generating loyalty. Loyalty drives renewals as well as referrals. Additionally, keeping existing fans and partners is drastically less expensive than finding new ones.

When transitioning to membership care, ensure your processes are seamless and quick.  By focusing on consistency in these areas, your team has a greater chance of success:

  • Branded materials, presentations, onboarding guides
  • Messaging, nomenclature, goals
  • Email/phone correspondence frequency and response
  • Human connection

The easiest way to assure this is to equip Customer/Member Care teams with the same tools that your Sponsorship and Ticketing teams use like CRM, CMS, Sales Enablement, etc,.

  • Personalized video messages help introduce new members of the team. 
  • Syncing communications in apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams chats keeps everyone on the same page. 
  • Recording calls with sales enablement tools, utilizing CRM for data, notes, insights, and average onboarding time, as well as CMS-based searches for materials, can expedite response time.


Technology that can enhance all aspects of the audience experience making for a seamless and memorable experience. The solutions to increase efficiency, consistency, speed, and connection are already available, and easier to use than ever. 

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