Why Digideck?

We’re changing business through innovation in presentation.

Digideck is a forward-thinking presentation platform used by marketing and sales professionals across the sports industry. We’ve combined visually dynamic and interactive presentations with best-in-class software technologies to fuel your business growth.

Bring your opportunities to life with a cloud-based presentation tool that empowers your team and shortens sales cycles. Easily communicate your message, streamline the presentation building process, and ensure your brand standards are always followed. Digideck is customizable, visually engaging, provides deep analytics, and enables you to tell your story with rich multimedia.

Digideck Features

Digideck offers features you need to sell more, faster. Master Decks give you complete control of your brand and message. Our cloud-based platform means unlimited multimedia and presentations that work anywhere, on any device.

Digideck LIVE

Your all-in-one selling solution with zoom-like features, in-app chat, video conferencing, meeting recording, and more. Digideck LIVE completes the full circle of virtual selling allowing organizations to connect with prospects via chat or conferencing the minute they engage with their content. This cohesive communication solution will increase your sales team’s efficiency while providing a superior experience for your prospects. 

CRM Integrations

We’ve made it easy to take critical information from your CRM to create custom Digideck presentations that are more flexible, more engaging and require less time to prepare.

Digideck users are building dynamic, brand-specific presentations that are pre-configured based on relevant data for specific opportunities – all at the click of a button with data synced from their CRM.

Marketing Automation Integrations

Leading companies are optimizing their presentations with the same strategic focus and commitment given to their digital channels and website. And, it’s working!

Marketing Automation logos

Allow your prospects to profile their interests and deliver highly personalized presentations. You can even send Digideck analytics to your marketing stack for stronger nurture campaigns and lead scoring.