Driving Golf Tournament Sponsorships, Hospitality, and Volunteer Recruitment

Sportsdigita is ready to drive  golf tournament revenue using Digideck, a cloud-based presentation platform. Digideck gives golf tournament the ability to:

  • Create professional presentations with videos and interactive components
  • Update sponsor branding across an entire presentation in one minute
  • Send instant updates to all sponsors or volunteers

Sportsdigita is trusted by 400+ sports and  organizations, including Presidents Cup 2022, BMW Championship, Korn Ferry Tour events and more.

“Presidents Cup utilizes the Digideck platform to create customized and interactive presentations for a variety of audiences, including our prospective partners, sponsors and attendees. Digideck’s multimedia functionality allows us to showcase our event in a unique and compelling way.”

Attract Golf Tournament Sponsors & Hospitality Suites

Create a Sense of Urgency
For instance, you just sold out of chalets on 18, but you have that location in previous sponsor presentations. With Digideck, you can add “SOLD OUT” to  the hospitality slide, and pushing your change “live” to all presentations with that slide. 

Customize Presentations 
Upload any branding that will auto populate in any designated image with accurate placement.

Keep Brand Consistency
Your brand will be accurately represented throughout, however, you will still be able to change text and images.

Simplify Volunteer Recruitment & Management

Digideck is a platform that not only benefits the sponsorship and hospitality side of tournaments, but also volunteer communication.

With Digideck, you can:

  • Educate volunteers on potential opportunities
  • Provide examples of volunteer roles &  responsibilities
  • Communicate training information, schedule details, and other pertinent information that can all be adjusted instantly

Increase Ticket Sales

Your Digideck can be used to increase ticket sales:

  1. Send a link to all the different ticket options and packages
  2. Customers can choose which options they want to explore. Remember, Digideck functions like a mini website so customers have control over what they browse.
  3. View when and what customers browsed on your Digideck
  4. Tailor your next conversation or email to their preference

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