The Most Important Play in Your Playbook: Customisation

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Fuelling Fan + Partner Excitement With Customisation That Converts

In the sports industry, competing to be the absolute best is nothing new for elite teams and franchises around the globe. In order to perform at your best when communicating with partners and fans alike, it is critical to tap into the most important play in your playbook: customisation.

“According to google, 88% of consumers favour brands that provide helpful information from research to purchase. But only 47% of brands customise and serve information across the entire customer journey.”

Translating to sports: your partners, fans, and membership base expect customised experiences. Nearly every interaction your audience has with your brand should be consistent and customised. While achieving this level of sophistication may seem daunting, shifting your focus to the technology that powers your most important moments can be a quick way to implement customisation on an organisation-wide level.

With the right tech stack in place, your team can achieve an advanced level of customisation while simultaneously driving revenue and excitement for your team. Teams with an elite tech stack might include: CRM, Marketing Automation, Presentation Platform, Data Asset Management (DAM), etc. 

Presentation platforms such as Digideck offer an efficient, dynamic way to power customised materials for all types of meaningful communication with your team. With a rich roster of use cases, Digideck powers:

With a robust presentation platform with best-in-breed integrations in place, your team will be equipped to handle every conversation with a brand, fan, influencer, and/or athlete using customised content that shows you’ve listened.

Digideck Does Customisation

Digideck was built for customisation. A number of our key features help our roster of iconic franchises achieve customisation that converts:

  • Presentation Branding customise your presentation to match the brand, colours, and voice of your audience 
  • Layout Manager using familiar drag-and-drop functionality, slides can be quickly customised to create any layout for present or future day use
  • Preselects use a predetermined set of slides to create templated presentations with one click
  • Master Styles change the look and feel of your presentations while maintaining content to quickly hop between brands, inventory types, departments, and more
  • Design Centre quickly edit the Master Deck’s colours, branding, and looks in one singular location

Scaling For The Future

While technology makes customisation more attainable, the automation and integration of your tech stack is the final step to competing at the top. While presentation platforms help convert opportunities into revenue, it is equally important to ensure all your platforms and software work + integrate together.

Your CRM, marketing automation tech, presentation platform, digital asset management (DAM), and other tech stack solutions should all work and integrate together to build for your future. 

With an integrated tech stack in place, your team can now efficiently do everything from prospecting to retention without reinventing the wheel. Instead, your team can create, customise, share, and track your opportunities in one singular location with the confidence of knowing everything will be tracked + organised effectively.

Customisation For Every Season and Reason

In sports, seasonality can mean the difference between reaching a season ticket member ready to renew versus reaching them in the offseason when your brand is bottom-of-mind. With training camps, pre-seasons, draught classes, and more — creating specific content for each season of your sport can seem overwhelming. But with an integrated tech stack, customisation can be quick, scalable, and second-nature. 

With intuitive presentation platforms like Digideck, your team can quickly incorporate your pre-season logo, training camp details, and roster updates into all communications with fans and partners in minutes. After all in sports, your fans and partners are a lifelong investment–serving the right information for all seasons of the game can untap new revenue streams and position your team as a leader in the competitive world of sports.

Recapping the Conversation

Whether you’re gearing up for your next playoff run, or getting the team ready for pre-season warm-up, customisation is critical to your team’s playbook.

The bottom line: when possible, customise your touchpoints with fans and partners alike to create a seamless, familiar experience that converts to dollar signs. Consider evaluating your tech stack to identify areas to streamline your customisation efforts and make sure the right tech is in place for your future. Finally, with the proper tech in place, use customisation for every season to drive excitement and revenue from training camp all the way to Lombardi. 

To see how custom content can work harder for you, build your own personalised Digideck using the link below today!

About Digideck by Sportsdigita

Digideck is the presentation platform transforming the way the biggest names in Sports and Enterprise sell. With a deep roster of 400+ teams, leagues, and franchises around the globe, Digideck’s best-in-class technology is shortening sales cycles and driving revenue for brands like the Los Angeles Lakers, Visa, and New York Yankees. Learn more about the power of cloud-based any-time, anywhere opportunities today!

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