Gopher Sports properties thrive in a competitive market with Sportsdigita

The Challenge

The sponsorship team for Gopher Sports Properties find themselves in one of the most challenging markets in the Big Ten Conference. The Gophers compete for sponsorship dollars in a city full of vibrant theatre and arts, and fully loaded with professional sports teams — including an NFL team, MLB team, a NBA and WNBA team, and an MLS team. To secure significant sponsorship revenue in the Twin Cities, Gopher Sports Properties needed a tool that allowed them to share their vision for a culture that “stops at nothing short of greatness in competition, in the classroom, and in the community.”

PowerPoint wasn’t a very pretty or flexible platform in the sense you can’t use videos or multimedia assets to show and tell a better story. DIGIDECK is a much better system for what we do and ensures we’re out front with technology.

– Greg Gerlach, General Manager, Gopher Sports Properties

The Solution

To help them stand apart in the ultra-competitive marketplace of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Gopher Sports Properties turned to DIGIDECK from Sportsdigita. DIGIDECK is a versatile platform that combines smart presentation capabilities with best-in-class software technologies. The cloud-based presentation software is used by sports professionals to build and share dynamic and visually engaging, customized presentations.

DIGIDECK enables their sponsorship team to access their master deck easily and adjust proposals quickly. It accelerates their ability to get back to clients quickly and make edits and customizations on the fly as needed. They can also leverage their amazing library of images, audio, and video files without worrying about file size or sharing limitations. PowerPoint wasn’t providing them this flexibility and speed.

DIGIDECK’s analytics capabilities showcase slide views and presentation activity. This provides an ongoing snapshot of engagement throughout the entire sales process. Its ease-of-use, CRM integrations and advanced analytics ensure they are armed with the data and information they need to generate more revenue.

The Result

Enhanced Creativity…

“DIGIDECK has helped us extend our approach. It helps us be more creative and focus on how we want each presentation and each client to be unique. We have more freedom creatively to do that and it’s certainly helped push us forward and make us more aggressive.” – Greg Gerlach, General Manager for Gopher Sports Properties

Stronger Sales Intelligence…

“Now I can see who’s engaged throughout the lifetime of a proposal and when it makes its way to other decision makers and influencers that we weren’t previously aware of. For example, we have due dates on our contracts. It’s nice to see how active they are and get a sense for their interest prior to these important dates. You can tell exactly what’s happening in the process… a behind the scenes peek, so to speak.” – Greg Gerlach

Faster Sales Cycles…

“It cuts through a lot of questions and clutter because it’s easier to visualize and understand where we’re going. I like the fact that it’s perceived right by clients. It is very cutting edge and dynamic and quickly shows how we use our venues, digital signage, and things of that nature.” – Greg Gerlac

See how Sportsdigita can help your team sell more, faster.

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