New Case Study: Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Use Customized, Powerful DIGIDECK Presentations To Immerse Partners. The NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles are using DIGIDECK’s advanced customization features and analytics capabilities to bring their storied brand to life for corporate partners.

Like any organization, the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles take pride in their brand. Their identity is its own little piece of American history. The “Eagles” moniker dates back to the team’s founding in 1933, and was selected as an homage to the National Recovery Administration, established that same year in the wake of the Great Depression.

For Vice President of Corporate Partner Activations Tracy Foster and her team, finding a platform to effectively convey that identity to partners was crucial. “We pride ourselves on our brand and making it our own, and bringing that to life for our partners is important to us,” she said.

Foster and her team primarily use DIGIDECK to create Recaps and Action Plans for Eagles partners. A former PowerPoint user, she says the ubiquitous presentation software just wasn’t cutting it.
“It’s very limited with very large files,” she said. “It was always a lot of time and effort cutting, copying, and pasting slides to make it work.”

But beyond the sheer logistical conundrums of distilling the Eagles brand down to static slides and swapping clunky files over email, Foster and her team encountered a more complex problem: Keeping tabs on her team’s presentations once they were in the hands of a partner. “We never really knew what would happen with it from there.”

As longtime DIGIDECK partners, the Eagles leverage the platform to create highly-customized partnership recaps and… read more

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