New Case Study: Spokane Indians

Spokane Indians Use Professionalism Of Digideck To Pitch Top-Tier Sponsors

Dating back to its origins in 1892, the Spokane Indians’ franchise is rooted in deep history with a high regard for top-level performance as a ballclub both on and off the field. In 2016, knowing that performance was of paramount importance, the Indians organization began searching for a better way to bring their sponsorship stories and offerings to life. Having previously used Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, files were unorganized and it was taking hours to create proposals each time a new sponsor was meeting with the club.
“Creating over 100 proposals a year as an organization, our time was taken up reinventing the wheel with each new pitch. Our server was even close to reaching capacity at one point due to hundreds of versions of proposals floating around and we knew there had to be a better way.” -Otto Klein Senior Vice President, Spokane Indians
After doing research online, the Indians team quickly saw Digideck by Sportsdigita as a frontrunner for the technology they desired. Furthermore, the ability to integrate with Salesforce was a key decision maker for the team. Being one of the very-first MiLB teams to use a CRM, the Indians’ forward-thinking mindset made them a… read more

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