SportsPro Media: Ten Technology Influencers

Building on its annual list of Ten Influencers for the year ahead, SportsPro is launching a new regular feature to highlight some of the influential yet largely unheralded figures working within different sectors of the sports industry.

It is perhaps fitting that the first group selected for recognition is technologists, who last year in particular had to face up to the extraordinary challenges of the pandemic in order to help their businesses stay connected, both internally and with their fans.

With the coronavirus forcing sports organisations to adapt to remote working, employees were promptly set up on programmes like Microsoft Teams to ensure that everyday communications could be carried out apart. Then, during sport’s restart, technology proved pivotal in shaping some of the Covid-19 protocols that were implemented to keep participants safe, and there were countless examples of innovation to keep fans engaged while they were prevented from watching in person.  

While 2020 was nothing if not unique, it served to illustrate the increasingly central yet often overlooked role technologists now play across areas like business and commercial strategy, event operations and presentation, broadcast production, and the live in-venue experience.

With all that in mind, SportsPro presents its inaugural class… read more

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