Fast-Track Your Revenue Generation Strategy with Digideck’s Quick Start Program

Due to the current times we’re in, marketing and sales leaders are facing an increasing pressure to remotely generate demand and close deals faster and more effectively than ever before.

Enter Digideck’s latest offering, the Quick Start Program! Quick Start is a great choice for users looking to get up and running with their Digideck in two weeks or less. Imagine implementing a sales enablement tool and generating new sales leads right out of the gate!
Key Features & Benefits

  • Quick to market: Have a customized, on-brand Digideck in your hands and ready to use in under two weeks.
  • Cost effective: Access 100% of Digideck’s features and capabilities at a lower cost barrier to entry.
  • Customized to your brand: Each theme gives you complete control to customize font & color palette to meet your brand standards.
  • Adaptive: Should you decide you want more custom creative later down the line, simply add additional creative hours to your package at any time.
  • Responsive: All themes are automatically optimized to work on mobile devices, desktop and tablet.

Q3 is here and the pressure is on. Act now to grow your pipeline & generate revenue with Digideck.

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