Webinar Takeaways: Driving Sports Business With Empathy

On Wednesday our friends at Skaled hosted an insightful and informative webinar with leaders from the sports world to dig into best practices for selling and staying strategic during these difficult times across all professional and minor leagues.

Demi McEntee, Inside Sales Manager at Madison Square Garden and Andre Luck, VP Ticket Sales and Service for the Miami Marlins joined Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled to engage in an interactive conversation about our new reality. Hearing each individual’s unique perspective helped cultivate colorful conversation about the sports industry and trends to consider – our top 3 takeaways included:

  1. Reevaluate internal processes – take this time to truly commit to bettering your team’s training and processes while you have this downtime to dedicate to your operations. Schedule additional training, revisit sales collateral, and buckle down on your strategy – it is more critical than ever to be scrappy and efficient in your sales approach. 
  2. Grow your network – while sales revenue and conversion rates may be on down or on  hold, there is plenty of opportunity to grow your network, connect with future prospects on LinkedIn, explore your world, and get to know the consumer on a more intimate level than ever before. Take time to LISTEN and LEARN about what they care about, pay attention to, and hope for – this will make all the difference later on when sales conversations come back to life and they are considering your offerings.
  3. Lead with empathy – we are continually hearing leaders across all leagues emphasize the importance of empathy during this time. Everyone is exploring uncharted territory right now and the best we can do is embrace this new norm and lend a helping hand. How you treat your prospects and customers now will dictate the success and affinity to your brand down the road when sports finally return at full capacity. You will reap the future benefits for putting in this leg-work.

Sportsdigita is committed to listening, adapting, and tuning in for messages like these to continually improve our approach and give our partners the help they need during these challenging times. Thank you to Skaled for hosting this powerful webinar – we look forward to the next one!

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