At Sportsdigita, we are currently in Week 4 of a fully remote work environment – which has led me to take a step back and digest the current state of the sports industry around us: This past Saturday, President Donald Trump spoke on a conference call with commissioners of the major U.S. sports leagues and was quoted advocating for fans to be able to return to venues for live games in August. NFL season start time would be in September as regularly scheduled. 🏈 Trump stated “I want fans back in the arenas.” While the majority of us are in a period of unknown across the sports world today, we can take solace in the hope that some normalcy will be restored in time for the NFL Season, if not before. Everyone is thirsty and eager for knowledge and answers as evidenced by the SportTechie SOTI event which saw 6500+ registrants logging in virtually to learn and collaborate. ✨ Despite these challenges, we are seeing strong Digideck usage from our partners who have created 2,462 custom presentations during this time period. ✅ There is a silver lining in all of this and I know we will all come out of this hardship stronger than ever!

Angelina Lawton
CEO & Founder of Sportsdigita

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